Permanent IBS/SIBO Resolution Book

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In integrative medicine, we “integrate” what I consider to be the best of natural treatments (diet, supplements, herbs) with prescription medicine and individualize this to EACH patient. Have I ever prescribed prednisone? Yes many times. Would I prescribe other suppressive therapies? Yes, I would if needed to keep a patient comfortable and put a stop to any life threatening issues. The point is that I would not STOP there. Once symptoms can be mitigated enough, my goal would then be to find out the triggers of the problem – foods, nutrients or system deficiencies, address these, strengthen the immune system and then remove the suppressive intervention.
This process is different in every person. There is not a one size fits all approach. This is why we spend time with our patients in Integrative medicine. If I had 8 minutes with each patient and they could only bring up one issue, I could not do my work. In my clinic our doctors spend 30 minutes typically with each patient. There is often information that comes up during this time that adds individual pieces to the treatment plan and create a more successful outcome of symptom relief.
If you start with the concept that the body has an innate wisdom that is working to keep you strong, healthy and vital and that this wisdom is available but weakened by certain foods, hidden infections and deficiencies then you do not stop at symptom suppression, but keep looking all the while keeping the body safe with suppressive therapies as needed. You keep searching to find what the underlying problem is and figure out how can it be resolved so that the suppressive therapy is no longer necessary.

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